trevor reed


about work


Trevor began programming in the late 90s. He has worked with organizations ranging from a handful of people to several thousand employees. Projects he's worked on include content management systems, a video delivery platform, call center software, etc. He also participates in open-source software development, and enjoys contributing to the community.

Trevor appreciates good food, especially Italian, Indian, and Mexican. He also enjoys movies, reading, floorball, tennis, and spending time with family.

Buzzwords Trevor actually understands and has experience with: JavaScript, .Net/C#, Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS/Sass/Less, SQL, NoSQL, full-stack developer (yes, I mean a real, full-stack developer), git, Github Flow, gitflow, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, FaaS, serverless, microservices, MVC, REST, CI/CD, Data Modeling, DevOps, Load Balancing, CDN, caching, project management, process management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, JIRA administration, unit testing, E2E testing, regression testing, etc.